Canada smokes cannabis

Canada smokes cannabis

Marc Emery -Canada smokes recreational cannabis -
Marc Emery -Canada smokes recreational cannabis -

Recreational cannabis is legal in Canada from October 17, 2018.

Mosaic Edition features photographs of past 420 activists on the journey towards legalization of recreational cannabis.

One of the faces of the struggle is Marc Emery.

Marc Emery has paid dearly for his advocacy. He told Mosaic Edition during the Toronto 420 – 2017 event: “I have been in 36 different prisons and jails and I have been arrested 30 times for marijuana.

“I have seen great progress in the 30 years and I look forward to breaking the law some more and going to jail some more and hopefully we end up with the freedom we deserve which is to be treated like a first class citizen who is not doing anything wrong, who is living a peaceful honest life.”



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