Canada – Afghanistan evacuation – update August 25

Canada – Afghanistan evacuation – update August 25

Canadian Flag - File Photo Media Conference - Photo Mosaic Edition Edward Akinwunmi
Canadian Flag - File Photo Media Conference - File Photo Mosaic Edition Edward Akinwunmi

Canada has evacuated about 2,700 individuals from Afghanistan to date. The figure came from cabinet ministers during a morning teleconference on the progress of evacuation in Afghanistan.

On August 22, 436 individuals were evacuated, August 23, 506 were evacuated, half of which were children, and on August 24, 535 individuals were evacuated.

Those evacuated included, Afghan refugees, Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents and other nationals.

According to figures made available,  over 1,000 Afghans have arrived in Canada out of which 300 have completed their quarantine.

Despite the issuance of visas and papers to assist the evacuees, the Taliban had been an impediment to the evacuation.

Marco Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship called on the Taliban to allow those who want to leave Afghanistan to do so safely.

He said immediately the coalition forces withdraw, the military evacuation would conclude.

“Though the deadline for the withdrawal of military is close, the support of Canadians to Afghans would continue to the next phase of the operation,” said the minister.

Canada would continue to assist Afghans who wish to come to Canada after the end of the evacuation.

Arjit Sajjan, Minister of National Defence said the number of flights and number of individuals to be evacuated could not be determined before August 31 deadline for all forces to leave Afghanistan.

American forces are leading the air bridge coalition agreement and they would be the last to leave the airport. Canada would have to draw down its operations before the departure of America.




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