Canada votes – September 20

Canada votes – September 20

Vote Here - Elections Ontario sign File photo-Mosaic Edition Edward Akinwunmi
Vote Here - Elections Ontario sign File photo-Mosaic Edition Edward Akinwunmi

Canadians head to the polls on September 20 for the 44th federal general election.

Elections Canada is coordinating with public health authorities to implement measures to protect electors, election workers and political participants during the ongoing pandemic.

Some of the registered political parties are; Animal Protection Party of Canada, Bloc Québécois, Canada’s Fourth Front, Canadian Nationalist Party, Christian Heritage Party of Canada, Communist Party of Canada, Conservative Party of Canada, Free Party of Canada and the Green Party of Canada.

Others are; Liberal Party of Canada, Libertarian Party of Canada, Marijuana Party, Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada and National Citizens Alliance of Canada.

Also registered for the 44th federal elections are; New Democratic Party, Parti pour l’Indépendence du Quèbec, Parti Rhinocéros Party, People’s Party of Canada and the Veterans Coalition Party of Canada.

Political leaders would be crisscrossing the country to physically campaign for votes. Some campaigns would be virtual in view of restrictions of large gatherings in provinces and territories due to public health risks during pandemic.

Parties to be watched are the incumbent, Liberal Party of Canada, opposition, Conservative Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party.




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