Jagmeet Singh – I faced racism growing up

Jagmeet Singh – I faced racism growing up

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh - NDP official photo
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh - NDP official photo

Letter from Jagmeet Singh.


The last 24 hours have sparked a difficult, but necessary, conversation in our country. A discussion on racism and the pain felt by Canadians who know what it feels like to be mocked and discriminated against for who they are.

When I first saw the images circulating of the Prime Minister it was jarring. And, just as many of us were digesting the first, we saw another – and then another.

I’ve spoken to friends and Canadians who have been affected by these images and the pain it has unearthed for them. They are hurting.

That is why today isn’t about Justin Trudeau. Today is about them.

There are millions of people in Canada – kids, young people, newcomers to our country – who have been bullied, hurt, attacked, and insulted because of who they are. These photos bring that into focus.

I faced racism growing up. And I dealt with it by fighting back – sometimes with my fists. But not everyone is able to do that. Many feel powerless – intimidated into a sense of not belonging.

I want to say to the people who’ve felt that pain – you are loved, you have value, you have worth – and we can and will do better for you.

Today I want to ask Canadians not to lose faith in our great country. The last 24 hours have been difficult and so will the coming days. But, remember this – you belong, and together we can fight for a Canada that rejects racism and discrimination. Together, we can fight for a Canada where we are celebrated for who we are, and where we take care of each other.

So I ask, please talk to those around you, check in on your loved ones and all those affected by this. We are stronger together, and united in our opposition to discrimination and hate.

Thank you for fighting for the Canada we all know is possible,


Jagmeet Singh
Canada’s NDP



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