Trudeau should act on Canada’s border situation – Scheer

Trudeau should act on Canada’s border situation – Scheer

Leader of Conservative Party of Canada Andrew Scheer
Leader of Conservative Party of Canada Andrew Scheer.

Regina, SK –  Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and Leader of the Official Opposition, issued the following statement on a new poll confirming that the vast majority of Canadians don’t believe Justin Trudeau has a plan to manage the crisis at our borders:

“Justin Trudeau’s failure to manage Canada’s borders is an urgent matter of public safety and Canadians are demanding action.

“Since his irresponsible #WelcomeToCanada tweet in January 2017 and the thousands of illegal border crossings it caused, Trudeau has failed to take any meaningful action to address the situation he created.

“The influx of asylum seekers has put tremendous stress on Canada’s immigration system and our ability to process applications. This has resulted in delays, backlogs, and extreme uncertainty in the system for those who are waiting patiently to enter the country through the proper channels.

“Canada’s Conservatives have been urging the Prime Minister to take action for months. Last summer, the government ignored our suggestion to consider designating illegal border entry points as official border crossings. In April, the government voted down a Conservative motion asking the government to table a plan by May 11.

“On June 15, I wrote to Justin Trudeau, again urging him to take immediate action and put forward a concrete plan to secure our border and protect our safe, orderly, and compassionate immigration system. I have not received a response. Clearly, he has failed to develop a plan.

“To date, Trudeau’s only solution – as it is with so many issues – has been to throw more money at the problem. This does nothing to address the two-tiered system he has created, it just means more tax dollars are being spent to manage the crisis, instead of resolving the issue.

“This is a failure of leadership from the very top.  Trudeau has created a situation where those waiting in refugee camps and facing persecution in dangerous places around the world must wait longer, as more and more resources are spent processing people crossing into Canada from the U.S.

“He cannot continue to stall on this issue. He must act now. Canadians must know their Prime Minister takes this situation seriously.”



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