Conservatives launch Defend Local Jobs tour

Conservatives launch Defend Local Jobs tour

Andrew Scheer leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.
Andrew Scheer Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Ottawa, ON – Lisa Raitt, Deputy Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, and Gerard Deltell, Shadow Minister for the Treasury Board, today announced the launch of the Defend Local Jobs tour.

“Canada’s Conservatives are launching the Defend Local Jobs tour. We’ll take the best ideas from workers, businesses and local labour groups about how we can respond to the threat to our economy posed by U.S. tariffs,” said Raitt.

The U.S. is now threatening to impose tariffs on automotive imports, with TD Bank warning that 160,000 jobs in Canada’s automotive sector could be at risk. Unfortunately, the Trudeau Liberals have failed to plan for this situation, with their last Budget silent on measures to reassure these families.

“That’s a potential one in five Canadian manufacturing jobs lost. And it’s cities like Oakville that will be hardest hit,” said Raitt.

“Quebec depends on the aluminum and steel sector to create good-paying, high-quality jobs. Families are worried about how they will be affected by these tariffs,” said Deltell.

“We’re fully behind our steel, aluminum and auto industries – and most importantly, their workers – as we respond to these devastating tariffs. But we will hold the government to account when they don’t take action to defend local jobs. And we will get out there and bring people together to find solutions,” concluded Raitt.



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