Liberals vote down motion to help LGBT refugees

Liberals vote down motion to help LGBT refugees

Toronto Pride 2017
Toronto Pride 2017

Michelle Rempel, Shadow Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, has condemned the Trudeau Liberals  for voting down a unanimous consent motion to help LGBT refugees fleeing persecution.

“Yesterday I introduced a unanimous consent motion calling on the government to increase the ratio of LGBT refugees that Canada welcomes and to permanently establish the Rainbow Refugee Assistance program.

“Parliamentarians on all sides of the aisle had an opportunity to come together, and vote in favor of helping LGBT refugees who face the threat of violence and persecution each and every day. Shamefully, the Liberals chose to vote down this motion,” said Michelle Rempel.

“Instead of showing real leadership, and assisting the world’s most vulnerable, we have seen the number of LGBT refugees who are being resettled in Canada diminish significantly under the Trudeau government. In fact, Iranian LGBT refugees have seen an 85% drop in resettlement to Canada

“Conservatives have a long history of supporting the world’s most vulnerable and the LGBT community is one of the most persecuted communities in the world. That is why an Andrew Scheer government will increase the ratio of LGBT refugees welcomed to Canada and make the Rainbow Refugee Assistance program a fully promoted, multi-year program that receives regular funding.”

Toronto Pride 2017 - file
Toronto Pride 2017 – file



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