Yves Berthiaume receives honorary diploma from Collège Boréal

Yves Berthiaume receives honorary diploma from Collège Boréal

Yves Berthiaume - photo supplied
Yves Berthiaume - photo supplied

June 6, 2018 – Sudbury – Collège Boréal

Collège Boréal has conferred an honorary diploma in Health upon Mr. Yves Berthiaume at a graduation ceremony held on June 6th, in Sudbury.

A staunch defender of the French language and co-owner of a funeral services enterprise, Mr. Berthiaume has sat on the boards of several funeral services industry organizations such as the Ontario Funeral Association, the Funeral Services Association of Canada and the Board of Funeral Services where he has influenced and ensured the provision of material in French. When he was President of the Board of Funeral Services and during the transition to a new regulatory regime under the Bereavement Authority of Ontario, he ensured that Francophones were represented and that services in French would be available.

Mr. Berthiaume has also contributed to the translation of several documents which have served not only in the delivery of the College’s Funeral Director program (the only French-language program of its kind in Ontario), but have also been used to provide services to Francophones throughout the province. He also contributes to students’ learning by providing them with placements in a learning environment that allows them to flourish and to learn about all aspects of the funeral services industry, in addition to having been a member of the Program Advisory Committee for the College’s program since 1996. He is currently President of the Funeral Services Association of Canada.



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