Nfudu – Skirts, Ties & Taboos – a well-written novel

Nfudu – Skirts, Ties & Taboos – a well-written novel

Obiageli Aligwekwe - Nfudu - Skirts, Ties & Taboos -
Obiageli Aligwekwe - Nfudu - Skirts, Ties & Taboos - signing a copy of her book.

Nfudu – Skirts, Ties & Taboos, is a well-written novel, full of exciting narratives brought to light through a sound knowledge of life in African and Western cultures.

It takes the reader into the intricacies of migration, dreams of success in a foreign land, love, failure, ridicule, disappointment, tenacity and success in the face of adversity.

I met Obiageli Aligwekwe, author of the novel, at a recent event in the City of Hamilton.

I bought a copy of Nfudu, which she signed. Since opening the pages of Nfudu, I have discovered that I just could not let go of the novel.

I found out that Nfudu has become a companion to read, and reread.

What is the inspiration behind Nfudu? I grappled with this question each time I flipped through the pages.

I had to request an explanation from the author.

In her email reply, she said, “I was inspired to write the novel when my grandmother Edna passed in late 2012 but since I was busy with work in corporate America, I didn’t start writing it until a few years later – in 2015 when I took a hiatus in Nigeria.

“I wanted to write something that would not only entertain both men and women, but that would also provide an educational platform for women to enable them to become strong emotionally.”

“I wanted women to be able to go after what they want without fear of failure or criticism. I wanted them to be able to speak for themselves and make decisions that will benefit them, their community and future generations because that is where their true power lies,” noted the author.

Nfudu – Skirts, Ties & Taboos is getting good reviews on

Chito Uyanwune writes, “A great read anytime especially on a trip!!”

“A Beautiful, nuanced love story from the perspective of a woman trying to make her way in the world,” says Juliet.




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