Boréal Offers Top-rated Paramedic Program en français!

Boréal Offers Top-rated Paramedic Program en français!

Boréal Offers Top-rated Paramedic Program en français! - photo supplied.

Collège Boréal’s Paramedic program is getting a lot of attention.

For a second consecutive year, 100% of Collège Boréal Paramedic graduates were awarded the provincial Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant (AEMCA) certificate.

Upon graduating, students having completed a recognized paramedic program must write a 6-hour provincial exam. Successful candidates are awarded the provincial AEMCA certification, which allows them to pursue a career in the paramedic field anywhere in Ontario.

Boréal is one of only two Ontario colleges to offer the two-year Paramedic program in French. Under the province’s French Language Services Act, some health-care facilities in Ontario are required to offer French services to clients.

Such facilities can include hospitals, community health centres, retirement homes, and counselling centres, amongst others. Increasing the number of qualified French-speaking health- care professionals, such as paramedics, is therefore a priority.

A donation from the Greater Sudbury Emergency Services has made it possible for Boréal’s paramedic students to have access to a second ambulance. These emergency vehicles provide a real laboratory environment for students and allow them to simulate real-world experiences from the point of dispatch. Through regular use, students can also familiarize themselves with the layout and space constraints of the vehicles.

Boréal Offers Top-rated Paramedic Program en français!

Collège Boréal Paramedic students are often called upon to provide first aid services at local events such as the Sudbury OSPCA’s Friends for Life Walk, the Foire familiale de la St-Jean, Cruisin’ for Organ Donors & Rich, etc.



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