No room for hate – Alan Caslin

No room for hate – Alan Caslin

Alan Caslin - Régional Chair Niagara. mosaicedition/ea.
Alan Caslin - Régional Chair Niagara. mosaicedition/ea.

February 1, 2017

There is no room for hate either in Niagara, anywhere in Ontario or Canada, says Alan Caslin, Regional Chair Niagara.

In an interview with Mosaic Edition The Regional Chair said the community would not accept or stand for hate. He was speaking a few days after the incident in Quebec during which a gunman killed 6 worshipers at a Quebec mosque during prayers.

He was at the Hijab Day in St. Catharines to show his support for the Muslim community and reassure them that the region would “stand up shoulder to shoulder against hate, hate of all kinds.”

“Canada is a country of immigrants made of immigrants,” he said.

“My parents were immigrants. It is a country that celebrates diversity and with that diverse culture we are stronger and we need to celebrate that and we do.”

He noted that the community recently raised 25000 dollars to bring Syrian refugees to Canada through the private sponsorship refugee program of the Mennonite Community Church. The regional chair challenged the community to donate generously with the promise to match their donations with the donation from his office.

“They stepped up and exceeded the $25,000  I was donating to the cause,” he said.

Niagara région donation
The Chair of Niagara Région Alain Caslin donates $25,000 to match the donation of résidents of St. Catharines towards settling Syrian refugees in Niagara.

“ We were able to bring more families to Canada who were in dire need of being rejected from Syria.”

On prospects of Niagara region, Alan Caslin said – “Niagara is poised to grow and we need people here in Niagara.”

“It is a great place to live, work and raise your family. And we are welcoming to all different cultures and all ethnic classes and I like to call it home.”



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