Better Care for Babies and Families

Better Care for Babies and Families


Ontario is funding Canada’s first dedicated care centre for fetuses requiring high-risk medical care and in-utero surgeries. The new Ontario Fetal Centre will support expectant families with increased access to world-renowned specialists and ground-breaking surgeries.

Premier Kathleen Wynne was at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto today to announce the government’s support for the Ontario Fetal Centre, a collaboration between the Sinai Health System and The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), and a first in Canada. With the help of an investment from Budget 2018, this centre will bring together leading specialists in fetal care, providing pregnant women in Ontario with greater access to some of the most advanced in-utero surgeries. The new centre will provide timely, leading-edge care for pregnant women whose baby has been diagnosed in utero with a condition that may require highly specialized medical care, such as heart or spinal surgery in the womb.

The Premier also announced a series of actions to better support families at the critical stages of conception, pregnancy, childbirth and during newborns’ first six weeks. The government will give families more choices when having a baby by providing access to midwives, who are experts in low-risk pregnancy, birth and care for newborns, for more than 6,700 more families this year.



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