Rempel Urges Trudeau to Close Loophole in Bestiality Laws

Rempel Urges Trudeau to Close Loophole in Bestiality Laws


Media Statement

Ottawa, ON –  Michelle Rempel, Shadow Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, issued the following statement marking World Animal Day:

“As today marks World Animal Day, I am calling on the government to finally close the loophole in our country’s bestiality laws. Nearly one year ago today, I tabled my Private Member’s Bill, C-388, which would modernize our outdated laws on bestiality. This PMB comes in response to the 2016 Supreme Court Ruling, which found that existing provisions around bestiality do not adequately define what sexual acts with animals go against Canadian law.

“The 2016 Supreme Court decision has had significant impacts on our judicial system and upheld the acquittal of a British Columbia man who was charged with bestiality after compelling the family dog to sexually abuse his 16 year-old stepdaughter. This is wrong. Yet, Justin Trudeau has refused to do anything to change these outdated laws and respond to the Court’s decision.

“It is baffling to me that many months after this Supreme Court case, the Liberal government has failed to act. Closing this disgusting loophole that allows for abuse of both children and animals would have taken just one additional line to the government’s justice bill currently on the table.

“Not only have I put forward a bill on this loophole, but I also plan to table e-petition E-1633, which calls on the government to make this change. This petition has garnered significant support from people across our country who want Justin Trudeau to act now. The government needs to do something as soon as possible, especially as at least one bestiality charge has been thrown out because it did not meet the limited definition that currently exists in our laws.

“I will continue to advocate for fixing this problem in our laws and ending sexual violence. On World Animal Day, I call upon the government to finally address this loophole to keep Canadians and animals safe.”



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